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Horizon Mortgage

Commercial Mortgage Brokerage


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What do we do?

Horizon Mortgage Capital

We connect you with lenders nationwide to fund your project. We create successful real estate financial management through industry knowledge, experience, and connections.

For the past 35 years, Horizon Mortgage has been saving commercial mortgage owners money. Whether it is a new building or a refinance, Horizon can connect you with the lender that will give you the best deal.

Building types

Loans we can offer 





Self Storage



Permanent Loans

Construction Loans

Mezzanine Loan


Participation Financing


Hard Money

Closed and Advisory Transactions 

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Horizon Mortgage Capital

Funding at Low Rates


Call us to discuss financial situation and loan requirements so we can narrow down your lending options

Research and Analysis

We use our industry knowledge and expertise to research and analyze the best loan options available. This includes contacting lenders that offer loan products that meet the requirements, evaluating the loan terms and conditions, and comparing interest rates and fees.

Proposal and Closing

Our team of commercial loan brokers will present you with a proposal that outlines the loan terms, conditions, and fees. You can then choose the loan option that best suits your needs. We will work with the lender to finalize the loan documentation and facilitate the loan closing process.

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